Annual Training Conferences

The Florida Police Chiefs Association holds two conferences each year in various areas of the state offering state accredited training that can be applied toward mandatory retraining requirements. In addition to two days of training at the Mid-Winter Conference and three days of training at the Summer Conference, law enforcement suppliers from all over the country exhibit the latest in law enforcement technology and equipment.  Members receive discounts to all training conferences.

Training Seminars

Through our STARS Program we offer seminars for newly appointed police chiefs, law enforcement personnel seeking to become police chiefs and police chief’s administrative/executive assistants.  In addition, we provide training on other topics of specific interest such as public records.  These seminars are led by professionals who complete the presentations with practical exercises, role-play, extensive class interaction and panel discussions.  Members receive discounts to all training seminars.

Career Center

Introduced in January 2017, the FPCA Career Center, is an online resource than will provide our members information on minimum requirements for chief of police positions, guidance on applying for command positions and templates for cover letters, resumes and references.  A training session is also being developed that will provide members interested in career advancement the opportunity to practice interviewing, to speak with City Managers and to have their resumes and cover letters reviewed.

Legislative Representation

One of the many FPCA member benefits is an extended staff for you and your agency as well as professional representation on policy issues affecting law enforcement and public safety.  We monitor bills that have been filed, we attend legislative committee meetings, and we meet with Senators, Representatives, and legislative staff.  During session a weekly Legislative Bulletin is emailed to all members keeping you up to date on all of the legislative activity.

Legal Hotline

FPCA active law enforcement members receive a complimentary 30-minute legal consultation with the FPCA attorney per issue.

Police Testing Programs

stanard logo

Since 2002 the Florida Police Chiefs Association has collaborated with Stanard & Associates, Inc., to offer public safety agencies a legally defensible, nationally validated examination that was designed to identify candidates who possess the skills necessary to function successfully as an entry level
police officer. The service has since expanded to include supervisor/promotional exams and dispatcher exams. This service is designed to help
departments throughout Florida select the best officers, supervisors and dispatchers possible through inexpensive and highly effective applicant testing.

Law Enforcement Policies and Training

FPCA has partnered with Lexipol, the leading provider of law enforcement and corrections policies and training. The company was co-founded by Gordon Graham and is focused on providing policies and training to help keep your agency protected and your officers safe.  Through our partnership with Lexipol, FPCA members receive special discounts on Lexipol’s Florida Law Enforcement and Corrections policies and training.  Lexipol’s Policies and Training solutions provides:

*Florida-specific policies vetted by public safety professionals and attorneys
*Updates in response to legislation, case law and evolving best practices
*Scenario-based training to bring policy to life
*24/7 access to your policies via a web-based platform and mobile app

Job Central

The FPCA “Jobs Central” is a comprehensive source of law enforcement vacancies within the State of Florida.  This portal provides an opportunity for agencies within the state to connect with qualified candidates from across the country.  Members receive a 50% discount on job posting rates.


FPCA keeps members informed with Member Alerts by color coding the type of alert. Green Alerts are standard information sharing, Yellow Alerts are requests for information, Red Alerts are important-read now, and Gold Alerts inform you of a Florida line of duty death. During the legislative session the weekly FPCA Legislative Bulletin is emailed to all members keeping you up to date on all of the legislative activity.

FPCA Website

The Members Only section of the website is dedicated to members with your needs in mind.  We are continually updating the portal with important information and links of interest to assist you in your daily operations.  With information on grant funding to renewing your dues, you can find it here.