The Florida Police Chiefs Association was originally organized in 1952 to promote legislation that would enhance public security by providing superior police protection for the residents of Florida as well as our many visitors.

For almost seventy years, the Association has maintained a strong presence in Tallahassee and regularly testifies on legislative issues of a public safety nature. FPCA members are frequently recognized by the legislative leaders to provide insight into public safety issues and problems facing the criminal justice system.

The Legislative Committee studies and evaluates proposed legislation that may favorably or adversley affect the Association, public safety, law enforcement or the welfare of police officers on a state or national basis. The Committee regularly reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors, who determine the legislative agenda.

The full text of bills can be retrieved on the internet via the Florida’s Government Online Sunshine Page. To get the bill in its final form, retrieve the enrolled version – the bill number will be followed by the letters “er.” Bills can also be obtained by calling the Legislature at (850) 488-4371.

2022 Legislative Priorities and Position Statement

For additional information, please contact FPCA Executive Director Jennifer “Cookie” Pritt at
FPCA Office: (850) 219-3631
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