Give your company more visibility and support the FPCA by becoming a sponsor!  Individual and corporate sponsors make all of our events possible. Without your assistance we would be unable to fund many of the various activities. To see all of the great sponsorship opportunities please click on the link below.

Available Sponsorships

If you have questions, please call 850.219.3631, emaill info@fpca.com.


Florida Police Chiefs Association Participating Vendors Page.
The FPCA Participating Vendor page is a great way to get your company name in front of all FPCA members.  The FPCA is also accessible via the new FPCA Mobile App as well. For more information click here.

FPCA Mobile App
The new FPCA Mobile App is a great way to get your company name in front of our members.  We offer a Top Banner Ad ($1,000/year) or Bottom Banner Ad ($750/year) on the pages listed below:
Conference Page, FPCA Marketplace Page, Membership Page, Job Central Page, Leadership/Staff Page.  For more information email info@fpca.com.

Banner Ads
Advertise your product or service on the FPCA Website with a Banner Ad on the homepage.
Cost:  $1,000 per year
Requirements:  Banner must be 200 x 200 pixels and in a jpg or png format. To find out more, contact info@fpca.com or call 850-219-3631.

FPCA Member Alert Ads
FPCA communicates with our members through an online email system and color code messages to indicate the type and importance of the alert.  Your company will receive maximum exposure when you purchase one of these Alert Ads.  For more information contact info@fpca.com or call 850.219.3631.

Type Alert Member Price Non-Member Price
Red Alert $300/month or $850/quarter $400/month or $1,050/quarter
Yellow Alert $225/month or $625/quarter $325/month or $950/quarter
Green Alert $250/month of $700/quarter $350/month or $1,000/quarter