STARS Executive Search Program

By providing Selection, Training, Assessment, Recruitment and Support, the Florida Police Chiefs STARS Program is setting the standard for finding, retaining and supporting the best police chiefs available.  The STARS Program will take local municipalities through an extensive search and qualification process. Pre-screened qualified applicants will be recommended to the participating local entity, based on that community’s specific needs. Once a candidate has been hired, the STARS Program will remain engaged to provide training and mentoring to ensure a seamless transition for the new Chief of Police. This unique hands-on approach will result in Chiefs of Police who are well qualified, supported by a network of professionals and ultimately successful in serving their communities.

“I have the highest regard for the work that The Florida Police Chiefs Association has performed for the City of Tallahassee through their STARS Program (Selection Training Assessment Recruitment Support). I have personally worked with the FPCA/STARS program on the recruitment of Tallahassee’s Chief of Police. Their work is outstanding and has been helpful to the City of Tallahassee.”  Reese Goad, City Manager

When a community has to replace its Chief of Police, finding the best candidate can be challenging. Local governments may have limited or no access to law enforcement recruitment experts, and qualified candidates may be difficult to locate. Professional searches for qualified candidates can also be costly, especially for smaller communities.

With the Florida Police Chiefs STARS Program, local governments have access to the following benefits:

  • A professional search team managed by law enforcement experts
  • Florida-based experts with extensive knowledge of the state’s law enforcement community
  • Cost efficient process with proven results
  • Reassurance that the best candidates have been recruited for the job
  • Support and training provided so the selected candidate’s transition is seamless

Current law enforcement executives can also benefit from the program through, department efficiency audits, mentoring services and issue-based situational analysis services.

By providing Selection, Training, Assessment, Recruitment and Support, the STARS Program is setting the standard for law enforcement human capital consulting services in Florida. We invite you to join us today in this effort to improve our state’s public safety standards and support Florida’s police chiefs.

Contact the Florida Police Chiefs STARS Program or call 850-219-3631 to get started.

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