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In August, 2002 the Florida Police  Chiefs Association began a collaboration with Stanard & Associates, Inc., to offer public safety agencies a legally defensible, nationally validated examination designed to identify candidates who possess the skills necessary to function successfully as an entry level police officer. The service has since expanded to include supervisor/promotional exams and dispatcher exams. This service offered by the Florida Police Chiefs Association is designed to help departments throughout Florida select the best officers, supervisors and dispatchers possible through inexpensive and highly effective applicant testing.

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National First and Second-Line Supervisor Tests (NFLST/NSLST)

National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST)

National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT)

Online Employment Application Service

Stanard & Associates, Inc. and FPCA have expanded our services to provide agencies with an option to outsource their employment application process. is a website created by Stanard & Associates with the goal of simplifying the application process for both job seekers and hiring agencies.

Job seekers browse the list of available public safety jobs, and then simply create an account, or login to their existing account, to apply to any jobs which may be of interest. Once a desired job is found, the job seeker clicks on the application, pays a nominal application fee, and begins the application process. The application management system available through ApplyToServe allows the applicant to access all necessary material for the application, provides all information needed to submit the application, and allows the applicant to follow the status of their application.

ApplyToServe also simplifies the application process for the hiring agency. Based on a review of the scientific literature related to pre-employment applications and consultation with legal professionals, ApplyToServe was created to help agencies collect pertinent and legitimate pre-employment information about prospective employees. By using ApplyToServe, public safety agencies can collect applications without the hasssle of managing the numerous documents and enourmous amounts of information typically involved in such a process. At the end of the application process, the hiring agency is provided with a digital PDF file of each candidate’s application packet for its review.

If you would like additional information on how can benefit your agency, please contact Stanard & Associates, Inc. at 800-367-6919 or visit to see a demonstration.

POST Testing Disclaimer

The Florida Police Chiefs Association now provides the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST), the National First and Second-Line Supervisor Tests, the National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT), and the National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST). In addition we offer the National Firefighter Selection Test (NFST), an exam similar to the POST, but for entry-level firefighters.  The Florida Police Chiefs Association offers two forms of testing. One is scored by the individual department or municipality and the other is scored by Stanard & Associates and results are provided within 10 working days. In order to preserve the integrity of the test, order forms must be accompanied by a Security Agreement completed by the agency administrator.