History of the Foundation

Alarmed about an exploding crime rate, shrinking budgets and the need for better training programs for Florida’s Police executives, a group of concerned citizens and members of the Florida Police Chiefs Association got together in 1987 and formed the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation, Inc.

Thanks to the generosity of numerous donors and licensing agreements with private enterprise, the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation provides college scholarships to police explorers as well as conference scholarships for Chiefs serving in municipalities that are unable to fund their training and education due to budget constraints.

Moreover, the Foundation enhances the quality of training for Florida’s Police Executives through annual training grants. In an effort to inform the public of public safety issues, the Foundation provides funding for ISP Host Fees for the Florida Police Chiefs Association web site. The site provides a virtual office for members and allows them to affect the public safety in a variety of ways such as providing information of Crime Prevention, Traffic Safety and assisting agencies with their recruitment of quality employees through Job Central

The Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation Inc. is a public supported 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Therefore, gifts and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible within the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation seeks annual support from donors who can make gifts to the Foundation in various forms, including outright cash donations, appreciated property and securities, gifts in kind or bequests.

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