Bill of Rights/Internal Affairs Training

Part 1 – How to Successfully Navigate the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights and to Avoid Costly Traps and Pitfalls
Part 2 – Make it Stick: How to Conduct a Comprehensive and Defensible Internal Affairs Investigation

This two-part training program presented by Leonard Dietzen, Esquire and David Marsey, Esquire, is designed to analyze the impact of Miami-Dade County v. Dade County PBA, and its prohibition on the use of outside agencies to conduct internal affairs investigations in matters that may result in disciplinary action. It will also teach the police administrator the legal requirements of the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights and how to incorporate its requirements into an effective internal affairs program. The full, fair and complete application of the Bill of Rights, along with sound investigative methodology, is critical to identify misconduct, to clear officers working in compliance with law and policy, to ensure consistent and defensible action, to prevent public criticism and to defend against common civil claims, both from outside and within the agency.

FPCA Members – 1st attendee from an agency – $150, 2nd attendee from same agency – $125, 3rd attendee from same agency – $100
Non FPCA Members – $200

Public Records Training

A specialized training for law enforcement by Leonard Dietzen, General Counsel to the FPCA.

According to a recent Florida Supreme Court Opinion, agencies may have to pay attorney fees if their responses to public records requests aren’t handled exactly right.

Next Class: Check back later for future dates!

Cost:  Members $75 / Non Members $125