The FPCA would like to thank the Alarm Association of Florida (AAF) and the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) for their geneous co-sponsorship of this award.SIAC


The purpose of the FPCA Wall of Honor is to distinguish former retired members of the FPCA or persons of distinction who made major contributions to the FPCA. This Wall will immortalize those persons who contributed greatly to the FPCA and will provide important historical information to current and future FPCA members, families and visitors to headquarters.
Persons considered for this award must be inactive as a Chief Law Enforcement Officer for a total non-consecutive, cumulative period of at least three years as of April 15th of the submission year.  This eligibility requirement would not apply if the person is deceased.  

Nomination Process:
Nomination for inclusion for the Wall of Honor will be solicited by both e-mail and the FPCA website or newsletter in January of each year.  Nomination for the award will be made by current or past members of FPCA through the use of a FPCA nomination form.  Please click here for nomination form.  Please send the completed nomination form along with any supporting documentation via e-mail to  If you do not have e-mail capability then please forward via mail to FPCA Headquarters, ATTN: Wall of Honor Award, PO Box 14038, Tallahassee, FL 32317. The deadline for receipt of nominations is April 15th.

Selection Process:

All nominations will be distributed by the Past President-at-large to each member of the Past President’s committee for the purpose of researching and verifying information on the nomination form and voting on the nominees. The committee will either assemble to present and discuss each nomination individually or otherwise be provided with the nomination packages electronically.

There will be two classifications of retired candidates, “Current” and “Veteran”.  Current candidates include former Chiefs who have been retired as a Chief Law Enforcement Officer for more than three (3) years.  Veteran candidates include Chiefs who have been retired as a Chief Law Enforcement Officer for more than twenty (20) years. There is also an “Other” classification for persons of distinction who have made major contributions to the FPCA.

Up to three (3) “current” nominations, one (1) “veteran” nomination and up to one (1) “Other” nomination may be awarded annually. Additional nominations may be awarded with Executive Board approval.  The process for recognition will require a vote of 75% in favor of the successful nominee. In the event of a tie above the number of yearly awards, one additional award will be permitted in each category. “Retired seniority” will be the tie-breaking criteria. Additional qualifying awards over this maximum to the following year.

Date of notification to the winners and/or their family members will be made by May 30th of each year to allow time for travel and hotel arrangements.

Award Presentation:
The award presentation will be made at our Annual Summer Conference Awards Banquet. The award will consist of a caricature facsimile of the award recipient with a bio of the awardee which will emphasize on his/her contribution to the Florida Police Chief’s Association or the Profession of Law Enforcement for the State of Florida or the United States. The nominee or his family will receive a duplicate award or some type of replica facsimile of the award and two tickets to the Annual Banquet. The award will be displayed during the entire Summer Conference before being placed at FPCA Headquarters.

April 15: Submission deadline
May 30: Recipients or Family Members of deceased recipients notified

Chief Gerald Monahan
Chief Brett Railey
Chief Paul Sireci
US Marshall Edward Spooner

Walter Headley
Peter Paulding

Buford Whitaker
Dorene Thomas

Dennis Jones
Karl Engel

Keith Chandler
Lionel Cote
Jay Romine

Sid Klein
David Milchan

William Barnes
Al Hogle
Nolan McLeod

Arthur Locke
Tim Moore
Tony Velong

Russell Arend
John Hunt, Sr.
Rocky Pomerance

James Sewell

James Gabbard

Judge Ralph Fisch

William Liquori
Paul Reble
Frank Ross

Raymond Beary
Willis Booth
Lee McGehee
Fred Taylor