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William Berger

Michael DeLeo

Michael Kessie
In honor of all fallen law enforcement officers

James M. Gabbard
In memory of Officer James K. Gabbard (Lake Worth Florida PD) 1960

Amy Mercer
In memory of Nolan McLeod and in honor of Police Chiefs in Florida

John Hunt
In memory of John E Hunt Sr

Ralph Fisch
In memory of all the men and women in blue who gave their lives protecting us all

Ashley Gonzalez
In memory of K-9 Zasko and K-9 Maxx

Anthony Velong
In honor of all my FPCA Chiefs

Edward Spooner
In honor of Willis Booth

Charles Vazquez
In memory of Houston Police Officer Dawn Suzanne Erickson, killed in the line of duty 12/24/95

Dennis Jones

Gerald Monahan

Greg Graham

Sean Hemingway

Michelle Morris
In honor of Vera G. Render

John Hunt
In honor of Willis Booth

Kris DiGiovanni
In memory of Chief Robert G. Barone

Allen Durham

James Sewell

William Latchford
In memory of Port Richey Police Chief Albert F. Latchford

Don Carey
In memory of all the Florida law enforcement heroes who gave their lives while protecting their communities

David Currey

Karen Beary
In memory of Chief Ray Beary

Dexter Williams

Jeanette Said-Jinete

Robert Pence

Larry Krantz

Daniel Oates

Gregory Lees

Jeff Pearson

Argatha Gilmore