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ELIGIBILITY: All sworn, full-time Florida Police Officers, below the rank of Chief, of FPCA member agencies are eligible. Nominations may be made for an exceptional lifesaving act that places the nominee’s life in jeopardy.  A rescue via CPR or AED does not qualify unless the nominee’s life has been placed in jeopardy.  A Lifesaving Award recipient will be selected annually for actions occurring during the previous calendar year.  Nominations for the awards should be made for police endeavors, either on-duty or off-duty. Nominations for this award are due by April 15th of each year.  An agency may nominate only one officer per nomination period. An agency may nominate more than one officer if they worked together as a team and were involved in the same incident or project. This will count as one nomination. The individual making the nomination does not have to be a member of the FPCA, however, the recipient should be from an FPCA member agency.

DETAILS ABOUT THE AWARD: In an effort to bring recognition closer to the recipient’s jurisdiction he/she serves, this award will be presented to the recipient selected by the Awards Committee at a local event such as the local city commission/council meeting. This will enable his/her elected officials the opportunity to hear directly from a FPCA Board Member about the exceptional work accomplished by the recipient. The presentations will be coordinated with the recipient’s Chief of Police. FPCA will provide a press release that the local agency can use for publications and/or media.
Deadline for submission:  April 15th