TALLAHASSEE, FL (July 7, 2014) – The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) today announced its endorsement of Governor Rick Scott in the upcoming election for Governor of Florida. The FPCA cited the Governor’s history of supporting Florida’s law enforcement in its announcement, specifically the Governor’s commitment to law enforcement and public safety initiatives.

Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has the lowest crime rate in 43 years, based on the 2013 Uniform Crime Report. The report indicated 27,380 fewer crimes reported in 2013, a 3.8 percent improvement over the previous year. Florida’s crime rate has continued to drop since the Governor took office in 2011, due in part to his prioritization of law enforcement initiatives. Further evidence of his commitment to public safety is the April 2014 signing of four bills targeting sexual predators, including legislation that will keep the most violent sexual offenders incarcerated for longer periods of time.

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