Sponsored by:The Judge Ralph Fisch Police Explorer Scholarship Program

The Florida Police Chiefs Association, through their Foundation, supports a number of programs including youth career development. As a demonstration of their commitment to our youth, the Foundation offers several $1,000 scholarships each year, to Police Explorers who have excelled academically and who have served their post and community with distinction.

The awards are presented annually following the summer meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation which is held in conjunction with the Florida Police Chiefs Association Summer Training Conference and Technology Exposition.

Applicants for the scholarship funds must meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidates must have been involved in a police explorer post from a Florida Municipal, College/University, School Board/District, Tribal or Airport, Railroad or Port Authority law enforcement agency, and have been a member of the post for a minimum of one year prior to the application submission.
  2. Candidates must have maintained a minimum of a 2.0 overall grade point average and should be completing their senior year in high school or already enrolled in college. Scholarships awarded must be used within one (1) years of receipt.
  3. Candidates must plan to attend college. He/she may choose any field of study, but an area related to law enforcement is required.
  4. Candidates must complete the application form and provide supporting materials to the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation. More than one Explorer per post may apply for the scholarships. If you have questions, please call a member of the FPCA staff at (850) 219-3631.

The application must be signed by the candidate as well as a parent/ guardian. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please note that Applications must be received no later than April 15th. If this dates fall on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the following Monday.

Applicant Review:

Candidates are judged solely on the information they submit to the Foundation. Therefore, the scholarship application and supporting materials are critical components which are judged by the selection committee and Board of Trustees of the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation. The submission should be complete, organized, and typewritten.  All submissions become the property of Florida Police Chiefs Education & Research Foundation and will not be returned.

How to apply:

There are two ways to apply.
You may download the entire application, complete, attach all required document and submit by mail (FPCERF, Attn: Explorer Scholarship Program, PO Box 14038, Tallahassee, FL 32317) or email (info@fpca.com)
Click here to download the application.

You may also complete the application online.  Before beginning, please download the Certification/Endorsement Document (by clicking HERE) that you will need to complete prior to filling out the application online.
Click here to complete the online application.

2021 Recipients
Isabella Martinez, Clermont Police Department
Ananda Myers, St. Petersburg Police Department
Elizabeth Renteria-Gomez, Boca Raton Police Department

2020 Recipients
Alexis Taylor Bedell, Gainesville Police Department
Justin Gadson, Miramar Police Department
Maria Coridad Rios, Sunrise Police Department

2019 Recipients
Mabel G. Jesse, Titusville Police Department
Nicolas Marchione, Coconut Creek Police Department

2018 Recipients
Samantha Caseiro, Miami Dade Police Department
Alex Christodoulou, Panama City Police Department
Luis A. Morales-Torres, Kissimmee Police Department

2017 Recipients
Nicholas Cooper, Delray Beach Police Department
Sabina Islam, Key West Police Department
Ethan Sanchez, Winter Haven Police Department

2016 Recipients
Alexander Janousky, Oviedo Police Department
Kaylin McGuffy, Tallahassee Police Department
Brianna Sopourn, Coral Springs Police Department

2015 Recipients
Daniel O’Connell, Tallahassee Police Department
Matthew Pustizzi, Coral Springs Police Department
Stefen Rufin Robles, Kissimmee Police Department

2014 Recipient
Daniel O’Connell, Tallahassee Police Department

2013 Recipients
Kirk Prendergast, Oviedo Police Department
Mariah Nicole Narrero, Palm Bay Police Department
Jonathan Montes de Oca, Port Orange Police Department

2012 Recipients
Cassidy Gardner, Port Orange Police Department
Isaac Francisco Chavez, Pembroke Pines Police Department

2011 Recipients
Allison LeGrice, Oviedo Police Department
Christopher Pustizzi, Coral Springs Police Department
Jonathan Rothenberg, Palm Springs Police Department
Gerardo Morales, Jr., Clewiston Police Department

2010 Recipients
Nicolas Sistarelli, Port St. Lucie Police Department
Zachary Pecci, Stuart Police Department
Tommy Finkell, Port Orange Police Department

2009 Recipients
Monica Black, Miami Police Department
Bryan Michelena, Hialeah Police Department
Rose Jean-Mary, Miami Police Department

2008 Recipients
Amanda Cravens, Port Orange Police Department
Tabina Mahmood, West Palm Beach Police Department
Jason Palant, Pembroke Pines Police Department

2007 Recipients
Matthew Deweese, Sunrise Police Department
Chad Koppele, Miami-Dade Police Department
Michael O’Brien, Coral Springs Police Department

2006 Recipients
Desiree Ferreira, Coral Springs Police Department
Ivey Baulac, Lakeland Police Department
Patricia Benitez, Ormond Beach Police Department
Benjamin Kern, Venice Police Department

2005 Recipients
Chiara Tacca, Coral Springs Police Department
Ashley Tuggle, Titusville Police Department
Marc McAtee, Sanford Police Department

2004 Recipients
Myriam Chalom, Coral Springs Police Department
Matthew Aberti, St. Cloud Police Department
Heather Johannes, Sanford Police Department

2003 Recipients
Steve Hineline, Port Orange Police Department
Frank Imparato, Coral Springs Police Department

2002 Recipients
Delilah Faye Eppolito, Gainesville Police Department
Shawn McCook, Ormond Beach Police Department
Diane Price, Coral Springs Police Department

2001 Recipients
Dustin Brittian, Tampa Police Department
Joseph Etter, Coral Springs Police Department
Heather Lynn Silver, St. Petersburg Police Department

2000 Recipients
Richard Guberman, Boca Raton Police Department
Christopher Corneillus, Clearwater Police Department
Diego Mello, Cooper City Police Department
Kelsey Weber, Parkland Police Department

1999 Recipients
Danielle Freeman, Parkland Police Department
Nathan Kirk, Fort Myers Police Department
Tonja Works, Margate Police Department