Training Grants

For more than fifteen years, the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation (FPCERF) has provided grants to the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) to support the training programs at the Mid-Winter and Summer Training Conferences.

Since 1996, the Foundation has committed more than $200,000 in direct financial assistance to the Association’s Professional Standards Committee. Currently chaired by Chief Chris Nelson of the Auburndale Police Department, the Committee has solicited member input and feedback, identified training needs, developed training programs and identified and contracted with some exceptionally talented speakers and educators from throughout the country.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Judge Ralph Fisch*, a staunch supporter of law enforcement, Honorary FPCA member and 2008 Wall of Honor award recipient, stated he is, “pleased to provide support to the Florida Police Chiefs Association, as they share a common goal – to raise the professional standards of police administrators through quality executive level training.” Judge Fisch added that this training, “has a direct effect on law enforcement services, the public’s safety and therefore the quality of life in communities throughout the State of Florida.”

Research Grants

Recruiting and retention issues for Florida’s law enforcement agencies have become an increasing source of concern in recent months. Many scholars and practioners point to low unemployment, the good ecomomy, low pay and the retirement window of the “baby boomers” as sources of concern for the perceived shortcomings for current recruitment and retention problems. Whatever the reason(s), it is clearly a source of immediate concern among Florida Police Chiefs.

A needs assessment conducted by the Association’s Recruiting and Retention Committee, revealed that 77% (n=122/160) of responding agencies reported problems in recruiting. Slightly more than half (54%) of the agencies completing the survey reported retention issues as a problem, with officers leaving for other agencies a major concern. Salaries were also found to be statistically significant when compared with recruitment and retention issues.

Based on a clear need for solutions to these pressing issues, the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation, provided funding for a comprehensive study of this issue. This study included the evaluation of quantitative data (survey) and qualitative data (interviews and focus groups).

Thanks to the generosity the Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation has provided on going funding for an ISP Host Fees and internet connection for use by the Florida Police Chiefs Association web site. The site provides a virtual office for members by providing a Members Only section and more.

The Florida Police Chiefs Education and Research Foundation Inc. is a public supported 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Therefore, gifts and donations are tax deductible within the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation seeks annual support from donors who can make gifts to the Foundation in various forms, including outright cash donations, appreciated property and securities, gifts in kind or bequests.