Adam Hall
Street Smart LLC
204 Caughman Farm Lane, Suite 201
Lexington, SC 29072

Street Smart™ is a real-time information and intelligence collection and dissemination tool for law enforcement. This state-of-the-art tool enables officers to stay apprised and share relevant, structured and unstructured information through situation-based bulletins and geo-coded discussions boards that optimize the sharing of crime-related information. The ability to visualize data points on maps and aggregate and share relevant information in real-time, keeps LEOs up-to-speed, informed and protected as they patrol our streets. It also gives law enforcement officers the ability to perform single data searches for relevant information across multiple streams and to immediately share that information with other officers and agencies.

Street Smart enhances the functionality of a current CAD or RMS system, and speeds up the process of getting time-sensitive information into the hands of the officers who need it. By providing a centralized location for crime bulletins, virtual remote briefings, secure communication, and data mapping, Street Smart offers law enforcement agencies the key intelligence they need to focus on reducing and preventing crime.

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