CERTIFIED POLICE OFFICER SALARY $30.91 per hour / $64,308 Annually
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CERTIFIED RESERVE OFFICER PART TIME SALARY $30.91 per hour / Special Detail Assignments – $40 per hour
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This is generalized law enforcement and public safety work in the prevention of crime, protection of life and property, and apprehension of criminal offenders.

An employee in this class of work is responsible for performing tasks of more than average difficulty involving the protection of life and property. After completion of an initial training period, the employee is responsible for enforcing federal, state and local laws, and performing related police activities. Incumbents are involved in either patrolling an assigned area in a radio-equipped vehicle, or performing administrative, communications, public information and/or complaint duties. Under general supervision of a sergeant or other police supervision, the employee is required to exercise initiative and independent judgment as well as tact, courtesy and self-control in performance of duties. The employee is also expected to make decisions calmly and quickly in emergency or hazardous situations. Some positions in this class may include receiving in-service training in preparation for promotion or special assignment. Most positions require the employee to work on rotating shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays. Work is reviewed through reports submitted, observation and results obtained.


When assigned to uniform zones: initiates preliminary investigation of incidents requiring police action; preserves the crime scene; renders first aid; interviews subjects and witnesses; searches for and arrests offenders; records all relevant facts; appears in court; patrols every area of assigned zone as often as possible, giving particular attention to crime hazard areas; applies knowledge of state statutes, departmental policies, rules and regulations and standard operating procedures to situations which occur; promptly takes appropriate action against all persons who are seen violating the law; assists persons who are lost, senile or mentally deficient and makes proper dispositions; takes lost, stolen or abandoned property into custody and makes disposition of same; enforces traffic laws and conducts accident investigations; patrols assigned area to eliminate the opportunity for crime to occur; responds to and attempts to settle domestic disturbances or refers individuals involved to appropriate social agency; advises citizens on protection of self and property; maintains an awareness of active felons in assigned area, their whereabouts and methods of operation.
When assigned as School Resource Officer in the schools: investigates criminal complaints reported/occurring in assigned schools; conducts accident and criminal investigation on the scene; inspects establishments suspected of contributing to school crime for the purpose of detecting conditions of prostitution, vice or gambling; interviews necessary persons to elicit information regarding crimes involving students; prepares court cases and appears in court as a prosecution witness; develops a friendly relationship with students and parents; counsels students and parents on school related and personal problems; refers students and parents to an appropriate social agency for help if necessary; assists in locating missing or wanted students; assists in the recovery of stolen school property; performs routine patrol or other duties when necessary; maintains necessary records; prepares reports; make crime prevention presentations.
When assigned to the selective enforcement unit; participates in crowd and traffic control of major events; assists vice control section in investigation and enforcement; assists Vice Control in investigation and enforcement activities; utilizes informants in latent investigations; participates in stakeouts and surveillance of burglary and robbery targets in high crime areas; works in conjunction with federal, state, and other local agencies to coordinate joint police activities; protects political candidates and other dignitaries.
The Police Officer also performs various clerical and administrative tasks and provides numerous human services, general information, and assistance to the public. Performs related work as required.

Ability to sit in a patrol car for prolonged periods of time.
Ability to physically manipulate cadavers as required to process evidence.
Occasional lifting of over 70 lbs. may be required.
Prolonged carrying of articles weighing between 10 to 25 lbs.
Sitting, standing, or walking for long periods of time.
Occasional squatting, climbing, kneeling, and running.
Ability to operate city issued vehicles.

Physical Fitness Testing:
Applicants must pass a physical agility test that may include extensive exercise and progressive resistance training, flexibility exercises, muscular strength, endurance and a cardiovascular program.
Applicants must be able to swim and demonstrate proficiency in a swim test.

Corrected visual acuity of 20/30 in both eyes; no marked red-green deficiency of color vision and no dimming of red objects; normal depth perception; no significant interference with night vision; no significant loss of peripheral vision; strabismus which is accompanied by double vision and not correctable. This will also include no hearing loss of greater than 46 decibels in the 3,000 cps range.
The ability to perceive and differentiate visual cues or signals. Tasks require the ability to communicate orally and in writing. Must have the use of sensory skills in order to effectively communicate and interact with other employees and the public through personal contact, the use of the telephone and/or other City-issued technology devices.