QUALIFICATIONS: Click here for full description
To be considered for employment with the Palm Beach County School District Police Department, applicants must meet minimum standards in accordance with Florida Statute 943.13- Officers’ minimum qualifications for employment. Additional qualifications include:
• Minimum of two (2) years of successful experience as a Law Enforcement Officer preferred.
• Must possess a State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Certificate as a Law Enforcement Officer. *
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, parents, school personnel and community agencies.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.
• Knowledge of current computing technologies and software applications appropriate to the position’s job responsibilities.
• Capable of lifting/carrying 50 lbs. and occasionally up to 75 lbs.; moderate physical activity
*An otherwise qualified person lacking only Florida certification can be hired interim at a lower rate until passing certification standards.
Essential Functions:
• Works closely with the principal and staff of the school to foster a better understanding of the law enforcement function and maintain a secure learning environment.
• Investigates crimes against persons, property and other offenses which are committed on School Board property.
• Identifies and prevents (through counseling and referral) delinquent behavior, including substance abuse.
• Promotes positive relations between students and law enforcement.
• Provides classroom presentations on crime prevention and fundamental concepts and structure of law.
Additional Job Functions:
• Follows adopted policies and procedures in accordance with School Board priorities.
• Conducts oneself in the best interest of students, in accordance with the highest traditions of public education and in support of the District’s Mission Statement.
• Performs other duties as assigned.
Applicants who qualify will be subject to a selection process, which may include, but not be limited to evaluation of training and experience; written product evaluation; interview; CVSA examination; psychological evaluation; employment record, fingerprint and background check including complete driving record history; medical examination; and drug screen. The expected duration of the selection process varies by position and could last 12 to 16 weeks.
Applicants must provide at least ten (10) years of continuous employment history, if applicable. In the event the applicant has not been employed for ten (10) continuous years, all time for the ten (10) year period prior to the date of application must be accounted for including periods of school, unemployment and retirement. Reapplication is allowable after twelve (12) months.
The School District of Palm Beach County is an Equal Education Opportunity Provider and Employer .