Legacy Plaque

Purchase a Legacy Plaque (7.4 x 9) to be displayed in the FPCA building to: 

Honor a law enforcement member for a special achievement, retirement, or other significant event by purchasing a plaque that will be permanently displayed in the FPCA headquarters.  Click here to order!
  • Members – $175
  • Non Members – $275
  • Plaque displayed with the FPCA logo
  • Plaque displayed with your logo or badge
Legacy Bench
Legacy Bench.  A plaque engraved with your choice of name and/or company name will be mounted on the backrest of the bench.
Adoption Options
One year adoption: Members – $650, Non Members – $750
Two year adoption: Members – $850, Non Members – $950
Three year adoption: Members – $1,050, Non Members – $1,150
Permanent adoption: $5,000
Parking Sign
Parking Space Donation – A sign designed with your name and/or company name will be installed on a post in front a a designated parking space.
One year donation:  Members – $500, Non Members – $600
Two year donation:  Members – $750, Non Members – $850
Three year donation:  Members – $950, Non Members – $1,050
Permanent donation: $5,000

Artwork/Honorary Item Donation

The FPCA seeks to establish a “History of the Police Chiefs” within our building.  To accurately represent the history of the police chiefs, we are asking for donations to represent your agency.

Artwork and items provided by the donor will be featured on the FPCA Facebook page with a brief, but detailed summary of its history.

Donated artwork and items will be displayed throughout the FPCA building.

Examples of donated items include but are not limited to:

  • Honorable flags
  • Table and wall decor such as plaques, awards, small statutes
  • Engraved items such as lamps, desks, chairs
  • Framed photos