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Commander Sal Abruscato
Chief Franklin Adderley
Alarm Association of Florida
Chief & Mrs. Kenneth Albano
Chief & Mrs. Kenneth Albano (Legacy Plaque)
American High-Tech Transcription
Architects Design Group
Chief Albert Arenal (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Roy Arigo/Retired
Chief Richard Beary
BEC Structures LLC
Marshall William Berger
Bill & Denise Berger (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Raymond Black
Chief Raymond Black (Legacy Plaque)
Elizabeth Boyle-Radzilowski
Elizabeth Boyle-Radzilowski (Legacy Plaque)
Broward County Chiefs Association
Chief Terence Calloway
Don Carey (Legacy Plaque)
Central Florida Criminal Justice Association
Chief Jeffery Chudnow
Chief Lionel Cote/Retired
Chief Lionel Cote/Retired (Legacy Plaque)
Chief David Currey
Chief Michael DeLeo
Chief Donald DeLucca
Chief Donald DeLucca (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Stephan Dembinsky
Chief Stephan Dembinsky (Legacy Plaque)
Leonard Dietzen, III (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Bernadette DiPino
Chief Edward Doyle/Retired (Legacy Plaque)
Chief David Dyess
E.T. Legal Services
Chief Frank Fabrizio (Legacy Plaque)
Judge Ralph Fisch
Florida Police Chiefs Education & Research Foundation
David Folsom (Legacy Plaque)
Chief James Gabbard/Retired
George E. Warren Corporation
Chief Argatha Gilmore
Director Ted Gonzales
Chief Kenneth Graham
Donald Harper
Chief Richard Hedges/Retired (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Sean Hemingway
Ms. Lora Hollingsworth
Chief Hal Hutchins
Chief Dennis Jones/Retired
Chief Dennis Jones/Retired (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Michael Kessie (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Frank Kitzerow
Chief Frank Kitzerow (Legacy Plaque)
Lexis Nexis
Chief Chris McKinstry (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Walt McNeil
Executive Director Amy Mercer
Miami Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police Inc.
Miami Shores Police Department
Miami Shores Police Department (Legacy Plaque)
Miami Shores Police Department (Parking Space)
Chief David Milchan
Minnesota Police Chiefs Association
Mississippi Police Chiefs Association
Chief Gerald Monahan (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Steven Moore
Mount Dora Heroes Foundation
Glen and Jean Mowrey
Glen and Jean Mowrey (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Chris Nelson (Legacy Plaque)
Bonita Nienhuis
Ronald Nienhuis
Palm Beach County Chiefs Association
Chief Peter Paulding (Legacy Plaque)
Chief David Perry
Pinellas Park Police Department (Legacy Plaque)
Polk County Police Chiefs Association
Port Orange Police Department
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Chief Anthony Pustizzi
Chief Brett Railey
Chief Brett Railey (Legacy Plaque)
In Memory of Crawford B. Railey
Ian Reeves
I. Stockton Reeves
ISK Reeves V, Architect
Director Jay Romine
Director Jay Romine (Legacy Plaque)
Harris Rosen
Chief Gail Russell/Retired (Legacy Plaque)
Satellite Beach Police Department
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Dr. James Sewell
Sims Wilkerson Cartier Engineering Inc.
Chief Paul Sireci (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Brian Smith (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Wes Smith
South Florida Crime Commission Inc.
Southwest Florida Chiefs Association
St. Augustine Beach Police Department (Legacy Plaque)
St. Cloud Police Department
Frederick Staly
Star & Shield Insurance
Sunrise Police Department
Swisher International
Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association
TECO Energy
The Center for Public Safety Inc.
Chief Dorene Thomas/Retired
Chief Philip Thorne
Chief Philip Thorne (Legacy Plaque)
TLC Engineering for Architecture
Treasure Coast Chiefs of Police & Sheriffs Association
Chief George Turner
Chief Ray Velboom
Chief Kevin Vespia
Chief Robert Vincent
Deputy Chief Charels Vitale (Legacy Plaque)
Volusia-Flagler Police Chiefs Association
William Washa (Legacy Plaque)
Chief Dana Watson
Chief Drew Whitman (Legacy Plaque)